Recreational Insurance in New Mexico and Colorado

Protecting Your Off-Road Vehicles and Outdoor Activities

It is thrilling to explore the mountains, desert, and open public lands of New Mexico and Colorado in your recreational vehicle. However, before you take off for fun, make sure that you are prepared for any hazard you may encounter while tackling those unpaved roads and rugged trails. At Zenity Insurance in San Juan County, we can help you select the right recreational insurance that can keep you riding without emptying your wallet.

Get the Right Liability Coverage

Accidents do happen, especially when you are pushing the limits of your bike, ATV, or even snowmobile. Liability coverage can help defray the cost of medical services and repairs that your passengers or other riders incur when you make a mistake on the trail. This is a crucial part of your policy when you love to attend races, public events, or ride out in a group.

Repair Your UTV or ATV After an Accident

You invest a lot of money, time, and effort into your recreational vehicle. Protect it with collision and hazard insurance that can help you keep the cost of repairs under control when you snap an axle, damage the steering, or encounter sudden changes in conditions. Ask our agents at Zenity Insurance in San Juan County about adjusting your deductible to lower your premium or to make fixing up your ride more affordable.

Uninsured Drivers Can Deplete Your Savings

Part of the fun of owning an off-road vehicle is exploring the vast expanses of New Mexico and Colorado. That means you are probably sharing the trail with other riders who may not have recreational insurance. Your policy can make sure that you can afford to fix your ride and pay for your doctor bills when somebody else causes you harm. And that means that you will be able to get back on the trail ASAP.

Get more information about how recreational insurance can keep you rolling around New Mexico and Colorado when you give us a call today.

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